No! PunctureSafe is a preventative maintenance tire additive and was designed primarily to be utilized prior to a tire receiving damage from puncturing objects and/or interior damage caused from operating tires under inflated. After installing PunctureSafe, the vehicle is driven a minimum of 3 to 5 miles (5 to 8 km), however it is not imperative to drive the vehicle immediately. For PunctureSafe to perform its preliminary functions, the tire and PunctureSafe must go through an initial conditioning period. At which time PunctureSafe will have coated a good percentage of the inner surfaces of the tire. When a puncture occurs, the PunctureSafe coating encapsulates the puncturing object. When the puncturing object is removed or ejected, PunctureSafe is drawn into the puncture by the capillary action of the escaping air. The puncture closes up (rubber recovery), thereby trapping the PunctureSafe seal. The seal cures and becomes non water-soluble to protect the inner structure from outside contaminants. The PunctureSafe seal is only as strong as the tire and can not hide or mask a dangerous puncture.