Heavy Duty Grade rated up to 90 mph.

PunctureSafe seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 15mm in diameter, and in the event that the puncturing object has caused excessive tire damage, PunctureSafe will still obstruct escaping air causing the tire to deflate slowly and controlled allowing the driver to remove the vehicle from a potentially dangerous location. Greatly reduces the costly downtime for fleet operators.

Semi-Trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, construction trucks, coaches, campers, trailers, Delivery trucks & vans, and School Buses.

PunctureSafe Heavy Duty Grade has been developed after extensive testing in response to the ever-increasing demands of vehicle operators for a reliable and effective product. Capable of preventing tire deflation in the most challenging of environments including landfill sites, quarries, construction sites, and recycling centers. Providing the ride of a pneumatic tire with the benefits of a solid fill tire, controlling punctures, and preventing blow-outs.


PunctureSafe provides the answers to all Trucking vehicles.

PunctureSafe has set the benchmark for puncture control systems, where the continuous requirements of high-performance tire protection have been exceeded. PunctureSafe Heavy Duty Grade came into production, based on our desire to gain a foothold in the HGV market. By introducing a product that resolved all of the previous failings, and which could demonstrate its excellence across a broad spectrum of oil and gas, commercial, military, construction, farming, and mining markets, at a price that is readily accepted by all.

At PunctureSafe, we specialize in supplying products to combat tire problems, and for some commercial customers, huge savings are achievable on punctures, early tire replacement, fuel bills, and expensive downtime.

PunctureSafe is the Rolls Royce of tire protection products for road, motorway, and off-road HGVs. After many years of research and development, PunctureSafe has developed an extremely durable product for the special needs of the fleet operator.

Semi Trucks