Yes! PunctureSafe will seal punctures in both tube and tubeless tires as long as there is rubber recovery and it is not a dangerous puncture. A tube is very unreliable. The tube is basically made of rubber and synthetics. The wall thickness of a tube is not uniform and rubber content is very critical in terms of elasticity and rubber recovery. A tube that does not contain a sufficient amount of natural rubber cannot recover (close up) after sustaining a puncture. It is critical that there be rubber recovery to assure a positive secure seal. By installing PunctureSafe into a tube, the problem of punctures can be reduced. The seal in a tube is not permanent. Tubes squirm inside a tire at high speed and if the puncturing object is left in the tire and tube, it may rip the tube. Then even PunctureSafe may not able to help. We recommend that nails be removed on a routine basis and the tires air pressure be maintained at maximum PSI to reduce the squirming. When a tube is punctured, the size of the puncture in the tube may be much larger than the actual puncturing object; also tubes are very susceptible to ripping.