Revolutionary Flat Tire Prevention Solution

A Revolutionary Puncture Repair & Prevention Solution.


PunctureSafe is the largest manufacturer of flat tire prevention treatments worldwide.  Save money & time by Preventing Flat Tires.

Permanently Seals

PunctureSafe is applied “before the puncture occurs” to permanently seal punctures as they occur, for the life of the tire.


PunctureSafe is more than just a tire sealant, it’s a tire safety system that works for the life of the tire.  Don’t just be safe, be PunctureSafe !

PunctureSafe is a tire sealant that is injected into the tires to help PREVENT FLATS before they happen.

How Does PunctureSafe Work?

PunctureSafe converts pneumatic tire into a self-sealing tire that will maintain air pressure. PunctureSafe has the ability to coat more of the inner surface of a tire and rim without succumbing to shear and stress associated with centrifugal force that is created within a high speed rotating tire.

It Works, and it Works For the Life of the Tire.

The PunctureSafe team developed an unrivaled process that has never been duplicated. PunctureSafe is a revolutionary product that out-performs everything, using technology not found in other tire sealants. PunctureSafe is more than just a tire sealant, it is a tire safety system that is “outstanding at sealing punctures”.

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Suitable for all types of cycles with Schrader valves. It is not possible to apply PunctureSafe through the narrow Presta valves. Seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 3mm in diameter.

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Rated up to speeds of 50 mph. Suitable for agricultural and construction vehicles, heavy plant and machinery, quad bikes, ride-on lawnmowers and golf buggies.

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Rated up to speeds of 90 mph. Suitable for heavy goods vehicles, mining trucks, oil & gas, construction, coaches and buses.

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Rated up to speeds of 150 mph. Suitable for cars, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, touring caravans and trailers.

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PunctureSafe help extend tire life as better coverage over the “inner tire” eliminates porosity giving optimized tyre pressures, with the added benefit of improved fuel economy and safer vehicle handling.

Our proprietary formulation has evolved far beyond that which is commonly known as a tire sealant – PunctureSafe is a tire safety system that is outstanding at permanently sealing punctures and a true tire life extender.

We have received hundreds of testimonials, too many to publish, but below is a selection from a small cross section.

PunctureSafe has been utilized in virtually every conceivable pneumatic tire, accumulating millions of miles, in major fleets around the world.

Because of the quality of our sealant with its ability to affect a permanent seal and also to withstand the hostile environment inside a tire, we have become the market leader.