Rated up to speeds of 150 mph.

Seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter In the event that the puncturing object has caused excessive tire damage PunctureSafe will obstruct escaping air causing the tire to deflate slow and controlled allowing the driver to remove the vehicle from a potentially dangerous location. Reduces costly downtime for fleet operators.

Peace of mind for you and your passengers.

Cars: Anyone who has had a high speed blow-out, knows what a dangerous experience it can be. It can happen without warning, making your vehicle impossible to handle and putting you and your passengers in extreme danger. Slow punctures are a major cause of blowouts and are usually very difficult to detect. Installing PunctureSafe in your tires helps to ensure that you will not be placed in a potentially life threatening situation. A puncture is not only costly and inconvenient, but also dangerous. PunctureSafe prevents punctures by sealing them immediately as they happen, and creates a permanent seal for the legal lifetime of the tire.

Passenger Cars

PunctureSafe provides the answers to a motorcycle puncture.

Motorcycles: Because we understand all the problems a puncture can cause for a motorcyclist, the motorcycle sector is one of our busiest and fastest growing markets. PunctureSafe provides the answers to a motorcycle puncture, as apart from sealing all punctures caused by objects up to 6mm in diameter, in the event of a larger area of damage PunctureSafe will provide protection from rapid deflation by giving a controlled deflation – possibly allowing the rider to get the motorcycle home, or away from a dangerous location.

Owing to greatly improved heat transfer from the inner tread area to the wheel, because of better inner tire coverage of PunctureSafe, the life of the tire will be extended. PunctureSafe has the ability to virtually eliminate tire pressure loss – even during long term storage. Most importantly, PunctureSafe does not repair a puncture in a tire, it “seals” the puncture, which means that unlike the conventional patch, the tire cannot fail owing to excessive heat! In fact heat is very beneficial to the PunctureSafe seal.