This kit is the largest of its kind available anywhere, it is solvent free and re-usable, so no need to discard the tire after use.s of 150 mph.

All parts in the kit are fully re-usable.

The majority of puncture repair kits supplied, especially with new cars, use solvent based sealants to seal the puncture. The suppliers not only instruct you to discard the tire after use, but the kit as well because the sealants have contaminated the equipment in the kit.

Within the next few years all new vehicles will not have a spare wheel and to compound matters the government are removing the hard shoulders from all motorways to create a fourth lane.

The Compressor.

Most products on the market are supplied with an air compressor that is capable of inflating a tire that is not punctured, but may not inflate a tire to a driveable pressure due to rapid air loss from the puncture. In an emergency situation an air compressor is required that will inflate a tyre that is leaking air through the puncture, and fast before the air compressor overheats and burns out. The PunctureSafe compressor at a massive 2kg in weight delivers a high volume of air and does not slow down when reaching a high PSI and will run for 30 minutes before having to turn off to cool down. That is due to the fact that only quality parts have been used in its build.

The pump.

Can quickly dispense the sealant into the tyre, even against pressures of 20 psi, which would be the case with a slow puncture. The whole 1 litre can be pumped into the tire in under one minute. Similar products have a squeezy bottle to dispense the sealant which is very time consuming and not something you would want to do at the side of the road. Also in the case of a slow puncture you would have to remove all the air from the tire in order to use a squeezy bottle. Apart from being fast, the pump delivers 20 times more power than the power of a hand squeezed bottle, which means no blockages in the valve stem.

The converter for using the compressor direct from the battery.

The plug to battery converter for use on vehicles such as ride on lawnmowers that do not have a cigarette lighter socket is built with 16AWG electric cable and copper crocodile clips. The copper clips are rated at 50 amps whereas iron clips are only rated at 8 amps. The 16AWG cable is 3mm in diameter with the copper wire 1.53mm in diameter. The cable is rated at 35 amps, more than enough for the air compressor that will draw 15 amps max, so no concerns of excessive heat.

The sealant gel.

The best there is -100% non toxic, 95% organic and because it was primarily developed as a “permanent” puncture prevention treatment and tire life extender/conditioner it does not have to be washed out of the tire after use. That is after establishing it is safe to do so. The product itself will let you know if the puncture is safe to seal because the tire will stay inflated, if not, then the tytirere will lose air in a slow and controlled deflation, taking as long as a week or two, so at the first sign of slight air loss you can wash out and get a conventional repair.