Revolutionary Puncture Repair & Prevention Solution

A Revolutionary Puncture Repair & Prevention Solution.


PunctureSafe is one of the largest manufacturers of puncture-prevention treatments worldwide.

Permanently Seals

PunctureSafe is applied “before the puncture occurs” to permanently seal punctures as they occur.


PunctureSafe is more than just a tire sealant, it’s a tire safety system that works for the life of the tire.

PunctureSafe is a tire sealant that is injected into the tires to prevent punctures before they happen.

How Does PunctureSafe Work?

PunctureSafe converts pneumatic tire into a self-sealing tire that will maintain air pressure. PunctureSafe has the ability to coat more of the inner surface of a tire and rim without succumbing to shear and stress associated with centrifugal force that is created within a high speed rotating tire.

It Works, and it Works For the Life of the Tire.

The PunctureSafe team developed an unrivaled process that has never been duplicated. PunctureSafe is a revolutionary product that outperforms everything, using technology not found in other tire sealants. PunctureSafe is more than just a tire sealant, it is a tire safety system that is “outstanding at sealing punctures.’